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Energy and climate policy consulting practice launched on Pi Day

Today we are proud to announce the expansion of Emerging Futures' scope of practice to include energy and climate policy modeling, forecasting and analysis, as Founder Jeffery Greenblatt makes the transition from full-time Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to full-time Chief Scientist at Emerging Futures. Among our first projects under this expanded mission are: the benefits of integrating hydrogen production, hydrogen-powered vehicles, and the electricity grid; the cost and greenhouse gas savings from a national rollout of shared, automated electric vehicles; and an assessment of New York State's 100% renewable energy plan. We are excited to embark on additional projects in the energy, climate change, Space and emerging technologies areas as new opportunities arise.

Today is also Pi Day, and being founded on science, Emerging Futures has long enjoyed celebrating and exploring the mysteries of its mathematical underpinnings. For Jeff, the number π has held a fascination since his earliest days, when he and his brother Alex were challenged by a mathematically-inclined babysitter to see who could memorize the most digits! As for many students, it became an irresistible urge, and they both began finding sources displaying more and more digits to fill their hungry brains. (When they finally came across a reference book containing many thousands of digits, however, they decided they'd memorized enough!) As Jeff matured, he delighted in discovering the many ways that π showed up in higher mathematics, and also enjoyed implementing code that could calculate the digits of the number. We hope that π finds a way into your life often, or at least every Pi Day!

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