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Freedom, abundance, trust, equity, and long-term sustainability: these are values we all hold dear. At Emerging Futures, we view science, economics, creativity and culture as engines of positive change, and focus on developments in technology, energy production, climate change policy, and commercial Space as key enablers.



Emerging Futures, LLC was founded in 2016 as a research and analysis consultancy and is based on the U.S. West Coast. Its interests currently focus on two broad areas: climate change mitigation, and the commercial expansion of humanity into space. While seemingly unrelated, we view these two topics as intimately linked to each other.


The Apollo Moon missions provided humanity with its first glimpse of our whole planet, launching the modern environmental movement, and climate change monitoring today benefits tremendously from Earth-observing satellites. Space technology spin-offs also provide countless benefits in our daily lives, ranging from the integrated circuit to GPS. More than 2,000 inventions can be traced directly to space programs.

On the flip side, the unfolding environmental catastrophe is causing us to reexamine our behaviors and motivate us to view space as both an environment to be protected, and a resource to be used to avoid further environmental harm on Earth. Ultimately, human survival depends on expanding our domain beyond the confines of Earth, allowing people to live, work and prosper throughout the Solar System.


  Areas of focus  

Climate Change Mitigation
Commercial Space Industry

  Key Team Members  

Jeffery Greenblatt, Ph.D.

Founder and Chief Scientist

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Energy, greenhouse gas emissions, climate policy, simulation and modeling, economics, forecasting, emerging technologies, space

Margaret McCall


MS/MPP candidate at UC Berkeley (Energy & Resources Group / Goldman Public Policy School): electricity grids and vehicles

Gordon Bauer Consultant

PhD candidate at UC Berkeley (Energy & Resources Group): model development of shared, autonomous, electric vehicles



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