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Freedom, abundance, trust, equity, and long-term sustainability: these are values we all hold dear. At Emerging Futures, we view science, economics, creativity and culture as engines of positive change, and focus on developments in technology, energy production, climate change policy, and commercial Space as key enablers.



Emerging Futures, LLC was founded in 2016 by Jeffery Greenblatt, Ph.D. as a technology analysis and forecasting consultancy, focused initially on commercial Space technologies. In 2018, the scope expanded to include energy and climate change policy, drawing on the 15+ years of experience of its founder. We are available to consult on projects of any size across this wide scope of practice, and look forward to hearing from you!


  Areas of focus  

Energy and Climate Change
Space and Other
Emerging Technologies
Shared, Automated
Electric Vehicles
Low-Carbon and
Solar Fuels
Low-Carbon Electricity
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies
Technology Characterization
Resource Extraction and Utilization

  Current projects  

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  Selected clients  

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Jeffery Greenblatt, Ph.D.

Founder and Chief Scientist

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Energy, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Simulation and Modeling, Economics, Forecasting, Emerging Technologies

Hanna Breunig, Ph.D.


Life-Cycle Assessment, Biofuels, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage, Circular Economy

Andrew Granatstein


Aerospace Engineering,

Space Technology and Market Research

  Meet The Team  



Emerging Futures, LLC

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